Believing in our history and our products allowed us to consider different aspects in setting a partnership project through potential multilevel synergies.

Excellence firms with a common denominator - Italian origins - representing the added value in the after-market and first equipment world, gathered together to give birth to “Moto Factory Italia”. History, competitiveness, technology, reliability, professionalism and passion are the ingredients that every firm uses to develop its own products that, once placed on the market, transfer their emotional experience to the final user. We aim at enriching the motorbike driving experience with a mixture of emotion and passion by forming and informing our customers on quality and reliability features of our products.

Our goal is to suggest a conscious vehicle purchase choice not only driven by brand reputation but also by high quality components. Further strategies consist of common projects of delocalization, marketing, distribution and partnership.

Moto Factory Italia sets itself as a competitive and globalized partner for two-wheel manufacturing industries.